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Why Ami Tea & Sub?

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Become one of the fastest growing franchise systems in North America within the last three years.


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Years of franchising experience go into assisting your business venture with sustainable development, right
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The New Canadian Dream

A vast untapped Canadian market provides unlimited potential for growth.


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We value the success of our partners . Our vision is to bring everyone along the way in sharing our limitless passion for street food and boba tea. We seek to empower small F&B business owners to define their future with affordable and professional franchising opportunities with Ami Tea & Sub.

  • Member of the Canadian Franchisee Association.
  • Receive in-depth training and gain access to know-how across all aspects of the business.
  • Advice on selecting premium materials from Taiwan, and/or the United States and Canada.
  • Exposure to integrated support from professional brand promotion activities.


Our application process is simple as 1-to-5!

New Franchisee Approval Process

1. Apply Online: Complete the pre-qualification questionnaire and tell us more about yourself: your story and why you’d like to join the family.

2. Initial Chat: Get to know one another! Receive and sign NDA.

3. Application Review: FDD, Business Plan Financial Review, Asset Declaration, Background and Credit Check

4. Onsite Interview: Meet with the Ami Tea franchising team.

5. Final Approval: If approved: Sign Agreements, begin franchisee training, select and submit site(s) for approval.


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We are primarily located in Western Canada and the Maritimes. There are numerous opportunities available in our existing markets as well as new regions.

  • Existing markets:

    • Alberta
    • New Brunswick
    • Northwest Territories

  • Priority new markets:

    • Ontario
    • British Columbia

  • Other new markets:

    • All Other Canadian Provinces & Territories

Over the course of two years, we have made impressive strides in expanding to other Canadian provinces, most notably in St. John, NB, followed by steady growth in minor partnerships with other businesses in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. We've just welcomed our latest flagship addition in Inglewood, Calgary in October 2021!

Our partners



Financial Resources

  • Adequate resources and desire to commit to a development opportunity.
  • Minimum baseline of CAD$50,000 Liquid Assets.
  • Minimum baseline of CAD$200,000 Net Worth.
  • Adequate capitalization can vary by market and project.


  • Extensive knowledge in general business and financial management.
  • Demonstration of good leadership skills, human resources management and excellent customer communication skills.
  • Prior experience in restaurant and inventory business management is preferred but not mandatory.


  • Willing to commit full time to running an Francising restaurant or outlet.
  • Positive entrepreneurial mindset and ability to innovate.


Below are answers to some common questions about franchising opportunities at Ami Tea & Sub.

How much do I need to invest in an Ami Tea & Sub teahouse/outlet?

Depending on the type of Ami Tea & Sub business, new franchisees should expect an initial investment of CAD$150,000 - CAD$200,000 for which a Franchise Agreement is issued for a 3-year Term for a specific location.

Do you offer counter add-on for existing businesses?

Absolutely! Counter add-on is a cost-effective way of pairing your existing F&B business with the Ami Tea & Sub brand. For more information, please download our E-Book or reach out to speak with a representative.

What does an initial investment breakdown schedule look like?

Costs listed above are tentative and are subject to change according to other external factors.

Investment Estimation
Franchising Fee CAD$35,000
Leasehold Improvement & Construction CAD$80,000
Equipment Furnishing CAD$35,000
Signage, Uniform and Marketing Materials CAD$15,000
Initial Materials and Equipment CAD$20,000
Working Capital CAD$10,000
Inventory CAD$5,000
Total Initial Investment CAD$200,000

What agreements do I have to review and what fee do I need to consider?

Types of agreement include: FDD, Appendices of material and equipment trading schedule. Ami Tea & Sub commits to supporting our partners’ development, therefore royalty and advertising fees are exempted for the first year. The franchise will be given at least fourteen (14) days in advance to consider the franchising agreement.

What are some available funding sources from Ami Tea & Sub?

Ami Tea & Sub supports the standard brand identity system, which includes up to a $10,000 rebate that covers 3D Designing, initial Marketing costs and Machinery. In addition, other services provided include: financial planning and implementation of commercial lending.

What makes Ami Tea & Sub different?

With more than 100+ innovative recipes, Ami Tea & Sub is one of the fastest growing franchise systems in Canada. We base our success on the prosperity of our business partners through systematic and professional franchising services.

Learn more about our mission and value

  • Accessible: Our business model is flexible to accommodate your financial needs.
  • Mutual: We are committed to achieving growth together with our partners..
  • Inspirational: Powered by first-generation immigrants to achieve the Canadian dream.
  • Trustworthy: We seek to build and thrive on a reliable and trusted relationship with our clients, vendors and business partners.
  • Excellence: We are committed to high service standards and provide only the most premium quality material sourcing.
  • Amicable: Our business philosophy revolves around the concept of “Amity” - where building long-lasting friendships and giving back define our values.

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